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Mauritius as a leading investment destination discussed
The Webinar, “Why is Mauritius Still A Leading Investment Destination?” hosted by the Penresa and media partner Forbes Africa discusses strategies spearheaded to make it one of the fastest growing wealth markets. Chairman and Director at SANNE Mauritius Dr. Rama Sithanen believes that there is a combination of the right ecosystem, ability to adapt, and adjusting to changing circumstances coupled with political and social stability offering certainty, predictability and stability of the global business. CEO at AfrAsia Bank Mr. Sanjiv Bhasin stressed on regulators in Mauritius having always pulled all efforts in adhering to the evolving standards showcased with the signing of BEPS agreement in adherence with OECD.
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About Mauritius

A melting pot of the world’s oldest civilisations, Mauritius is a rare example of social peace and unity in a multi-cultural society. The population boasts origins from the European and African continents, as well as from India and China. Such a cosmopolitan legacy makes for legendary hospitality. The workforce is young, with over a third of the workforce being aged less than 30, and business spirited, innovative thinking and open to the world.
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