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About Global Finance Mauritius

GLOBAL FINANCE MAURITIUS, formerly known as the Global Institutional Investors Forum, was set up in October 2010 as a purpose, not-for-profit trust.


Global Finance Mauritius (GFM), founded in 2010, is the apex body representative and broad-based financial services association in Mauritius. It brings together leading players in the realm of Financial Sector which comprises of banks, management companies, accounting firms, law firms and institutional investors, the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and all other licensees of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), aiming at developing Mauritius as an International Financial Centre of substance.


  • Provide a forum for financial services providers to discuss matters of general concern.
  • Advance knowledge and learning in areas relevant to the sector and organize conferences and meetings.
  • Undertake research and make recommendations to the Government and authorities to promote better understanding and to improve the legal framework.
  • Maintain professional and ethical standards through education and training, amongst others.

Global Finance Mauritius is fully recognised by the Government and its regulatory authorities:

  • Through its participation in the Financial Services
  • Consultative Council (FSCC).
  • By responding to pre-budgetary and other government consultations.
  • Acting as a bridge forging linkages between the public and private sectors in Mauritius to contribute to financial services strategy and policy development towards a roadmap.


Global Finance Mauritius undertakes activities to provide real and lasting value to its members, and to promote and reinforce the growth of the sector, which include:

  • Hosting meetings, policy events and exchanges with senior diplomats
  • Organising training events on key topics for the industry, with a focus on professional and ethical standards
  • Undertaking members’ surveys, intelligence gathering and monitoring on important issues
  • Engaging in regular dialogue with government departments, FSC, FSPA, MRA, and other relevant agencies and participating in government working groups and technical forum.

Organising Technical Committees to draft submissions and recommendations, with regards to:

  • Taxation,
  • Financial Strategy and Development,
  • PR and Communication,
  • Learning and Capacity Building,
  • Legal and Compliance,
  • Captive Insurance,
  • Capital Market, and
  • Ad-Hoc (as and when required).