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Why Mauritius

A melting pot of the world’s oldest civilisations, Mauritius is a rare example of social peace and unity in a multi-cultural society. The population boasts origins from the European and African continents, as well as from India and China. Such a cosmopolitan legacy makes for legendary hospitality.

Mauritius is also a safe place to live, since Mauritians are naturally well-inclined and of a peaceful nature. All Mauritians enjoy freedom of expression and of religion.

Mauritius is internationally recognised for its continuity of government and rule of law. The island has enjoyed enduring political stability ever since independence in 1968 with a democratically-elected government every 5 years. Mauritius has the highest adult literacy rate for the whole of Africa mainly as a result of free education at primary and secondary school level. This highly disciplined and educated workforce is also equally fluent in English and French, while many also speak a third international language: Hindi, Mandarin, Urdu and a host of European languages.

The workforce is young, with over a third of the workforce being aged less than 30, and business spirited, innovative thinking and open to the world. Mauritius has a talented pool of multidisciplinary professionals trained locally and in the best universities around the world.

With the right policies at the right time in its economic history, Mauritius is nowadays categorised as an upper-middle income country, with World Bank figures showing that it reached a per capita income of USD 9,252.11 by December 2015. According to African Economic Outlook 2016, Mauritius is the best performing economy in Africa, and the economy is projected to grow on the back of stronger domestic and external demand.