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Absa Group completes renaming across continent

The group’s separation from Barclays PLC – which saw the rebranding of most of its banking products – has been underway since July 2018, with South Africa being the first to launch the new visual identity and a new slogan, Africanacity, to set the scene for Absa’s new identity as a standalone African bank.

The Absa Group Limited which was formerly the Barclays Africa Group has completed the name change for all its subsidiaries across seven remaining countries, namely Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, and Zambia. The latter countries follow the footsteps of other subsidiaries such as Uganda and Mozambique where name rebranding already took place in November 2019. Group Chief Executive at Absa Group Mr. Daniel Mminele said that the strategy goes beyond name change and constitutes a milestone in achieving its ambitions as a leading African bank in enhancing growth and development taking place on the continent and beyond

Source: Fin24