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Mathieu Mandeng

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Mathieu Mandeng
Chief Executive Officer
Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Ltd

Mathieu Mandeng is the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius. He also currently serves as Non Executive Director of Standard Chartered Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire.

Mathieu is currently Vice Chairman of the Mauritius Banking Association (MBA) and Chairman of the Global Business Committee of the association.

Prior to his appointment in Mauritius in December 2016, Mathieu, a seasoned professional with more than fifteen years experience in Banking, was CEO of Standard Chartered Cameroon. In this capacity, Mathieu was engaged at various levels of the economy, holding key industry positions amongst which, Chairman of the Cameroon’s Banker’s Association and Member of the Prime Minister’s Investment Council. During his term, Mathieu has also worked with the Singapore Business Federation, promoting the trade and investment between Singapore and West Africa.

When Mathieu joined Standard Chartered in 2004, he held the positions of Executive Director, Head of Client Relationships (Corporate and Institutional Banking) and Deputy Managing Director in Cameroon.

Mathieu worked previously with Citibank Cameroon N.A. in several capacities, amongst which Country Head of Global Relationships and Financial Institutions and Country Coordinator for Return on Economic Capital, and Credit Officer, for five years.

Mathieu started his career in France where he cumulated 10 years experience in the mining and metal industry in various capacities including Financial Control, Treasury Management, Corporate Finance, Training and Consultancy.

Mathieu holds a MSC in Finance and Management Control from the University of Orleans and a MBA in Enterprise Management from the University of Bordeaux (France). He is also an alumnus of the Said Business School of Oxford UK.

Mathieu is married, with three kids, and enjoys reading, travelling, walking, playing tennis and swimming.