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Capital Markets

The capital markets segment in Mauritius represents one of the most vibrant sectors of the economy, providing a dynamic securities market and world class trading facilities. The trade of fixed interest securities and equity normally takes place through market intermediaries, regulated as investment dealers. It is the second largest market in the African region.

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM), launched in 1989, operates two markets: the Official Market and the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM). Currently, there are 51 companies listed on the Official Market representing a market capitalisation of nearly US$ 9.2 billion as at 30 November 2016. There are presently 43 companies listed on the DEM market with a market capitalisation of nearly US$ 1.3 billion as at 30 November 2016. Most recently, in December 2016, SEM has launched dual currency trading and settlement on foreign currency denominated financial instruments that will be listed on SEM’s platform

The SEM aspires to emerge as a capital raising platform for Africa-focused investments routed through the Global Business Sector and the SEM platform will increasingly be used to channel investment flows from South Africa/Europe/Asia into Africa and from USA/Europe into Asia. The SEM has won the ‘Most Innovative Stock Exchange in Africa Award’ three times in five years.

Mauritius is also in the process of setting up a new Mauritius International Derivatives and Commodities Exchange (MINDEX) which is due to be operational by the end of 2017.