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Mauritius has a strong track record as a domicile for global funds, serving the needs of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), sovereign wealth funds as well as international investors. Mauritius is now home to over a thousand funds, and is well reputed for providing an efficient and high quality service in fund management and administration.

Global funds can be structured either as open-ended investment companies, which fall under the Collective Investment Schemes category, or closed-end companies, which are often described as Private Equity funds. Global funds which are domiciled in Mauritius are able to take advantage of all of the benefits available to Global Business Companies.

Global Funds which are domiciled in Mauritius are also able to benefit from the flexible listing rules of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, which is one of the leading platforms in Africa, and a member of a number of international bodies, including the World Federation of Exchanges, South Asian Federation of Exchanges, African Securities Exchanges Association and the Committee of SADC Stock Exchanges.