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The Maritime Silk Road Conference, Mauritius

The Silk Road connected China with the West and facilitated trade between the different territories that stretched through the region. On the other hand, the Indian Ocean trade route connected Asia to Africa, from Java to Zanzibar and Mombasa. The route also facilitated trade exchanges between the different regions. The Silk Road route was predominantly on land and crossed water ways at the Mediterranean Sea while the Indian Ocean trade route moved predominantly on water (Indian Ocean) between ports. The Silk Road got its name from Silk because this was a major export from China which received wool and other textiles from Rome, while on the other hand the Indian Ocean trade route also known as the Cinnamon Route got its name because of the trade items which were majorly spices.

The Maritime Silk Road

This is a sea route rather than a road (a reference to the old maritime Silk Road) which runs west from China’s east coast to Europe through the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. This was the original old route to Mauritius & the Gateway to South Africa & Europe.